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    Bermuda Betty Bikini Top
    Bermuda Betty Bikini Bottoms
    Vegas Baby Bikini Bottoms
    Glamazon Bikini Bottoms
    Nevermind Bikini Bottoms
    Wild Side Bikini Bottoms
    Inner Glow Bikini Top
    Inner Glow Bikini Bottoms
    Wild Side Bikini Top
    Nevermind Bikini Top
    Glamazon Bikini Top
    Glamazon Cut Out One Piece
    Vegas Baby Bikini Top
    Vegas Baby Cut Out One Piece
  • The Mermaids We Are

    What We Value

    Buy British, By British

    The Environment and support British manufacturing

    We support local manufacturing, utilise their skills and craftmanship and by doing so support the local enterprises and of course their families.

    All our material and fabric we use to create our stunning swimwear is designed and made right here in the UK - Bristol, Manchester and Wales. This reduces our carbon footprint through reduced transportation and freight.

    We are currently sourcing fabrics that re-use discarded "ghost" fishing nets to also help conserve the Marine Environment.

    The Bikini for Women Who Don't Wear Bikinis

    Mermaid In England Girls will Want to be Noticed in this Bikini

    Us Mermaids stand for love, the ocean, and the excitement of looking different whether it's in a tropical paradise faraway or at your local pool. You'll be so amazed by the colour change you won't even notice you're in a bikini ~ you'll just love that you're in a bikini that changes when it gets wet. The smile on your face, the joy and the fun is all wrapped up in this swimwear. You won't find colour change bikinis that have not had chemicals added to create this incredible effect anywhere else.

    You Are Unique

    Transform Yourself and Reveal Your Inner Beauty

    Made to feel like a mermaid.

    Transform yourself from the inside out. When us mermaids own our strength, courage and beauty that's when true transformation begins.

    Only Mermaid in England swimwear transforms in water, changing colour or pattern to reveal your inner mermaid. When dry they return to their original colour and pattern thanks to the unique and innovative design.

    No Swimsuits Are Harmed

    No Chemicals Ever

    It is not a chemical reaction changing the colour of your cossie, it's just water - remarkable eh?

    It won't fade, it won't bobble, it won't pill, it won't stretch, it won't wear out. We are friends for life, just look after it.

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