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  • The Mermaids We Are

    What Makes Us Tick

    The Bikini for Women Who Don't Wear Bikinis

    Reveal Your Inner Beauty

    Us Mermaids stand for love, the ocean, and the excitement of looking different whether it's in a tropical paradise faraway or at your local pool. You'll be so amazed by the colour change you won't even notice you're in a bikini ~ you'll just love that you're in a bikini that changes when it gets wet.

    The smile on your face, the joy and the fun is all wrapped up in this swimwear. It's a little bit of magic.

    Be true to yourself from the inside out. When us mermaids own our strength, courage and beauty that's when true transformation begins.

    Made In Britain

    Supporting British Manufacturing

    We support local manufacturing and small businesses, utilising their skills and craftmanship. By doing so we support the local enterprises and the women who work within them, working for their families and future.

    All our materials and fabric we use to create our stunning swimwear is designed and printed right here in the UK - Bristol, Manchester and Wales. This, as a fortunate "by product", reduces our businesses carbon footprint through fewer air and road miles.

    Less Waste, Less Damage

    This is a Long Term Relationship

    It is not a chemical reaction changing the colour of your cossie, it's just water - remarkable eh? It won't fade, it won't bobble, it won't pill, it won't stretch, it won't wear out.

    We are not your high street disposable swiwear that will only last one summer after a couple of washes in the machine. This is a much longer term relationship between you and your cossie. You are friends for life, just look after it by rinsing out thoroughly after each time you wear it.

    With that comes a promise you are purchasing a quality product that will last, reducing waste and your impact on the environment. Doesn't that make you feel just a little insy weensy bit happy inside?

  • 5 Reasons To Buy


    It's fun.

    Don't just take our word for it, the feedback and responses from others so far has been incredible!


    It's unique, there is nothing else like this out there in the marketplace



    It's exceptional quality, one we are prepared to back with a 12 month guarantee and you won't find that with any other swimwear manufacturer


    It's Made in Britain.

    We support local manufacturing, local businesses, their communities and their families.



    We care about how people feel when in swimwear and we want to help others to love yourself no matter what.

  • Mini Mermaid Pre-Sale On Now

    NEW Childrens Collection Coming May 2018

  • What People Are Saying

    Don't Take Our Word For It

    "Oh my goodness... that's so brilliant!"

    Kelly, London.

    "I absolutely love the bikinis because they're so unique, lots of fun, and unlike anything else available. Very happy with my purchases and love the surprise people get when I get in the water! I'm so glad you started selling them again, definitely worth the wait!!"

    Janice, NSW, Australia

    "It's beautiful, they are really beautiful"

    Leane, North Somerset.

    "My niece would absolutely LOVE this - she's really into mermaids too!"

    Katrina, Bristol.

    "Wow, look! It's amazing"

    Caroline, Bristol.

    "Oh wow Mummy... Look!"

    Erin, aged 5.

    "Oh wow! I want a swimming costume that does that..."

    Zoë, aged 6.

    "I recently bought a color-change bikini and of course tried it out right away! In addition to a great fit and great wearing comfort, the bikini has a high quality. Also, the color change effect has inspired me and brought me one compliment : -) I can recommend the mermaid bikinis and already considering buying me another design! The perfect garment for a hot summer!"

    Stephanie, Germany


    Yesterday I bought your Vegas Baby monkini... Went back there the next day to tell you how AMAZING I think it is! But you guys weren't there so I thought I'd email you. It's so flattering, I love the shape, not to mention it's such a lovely idea! Will definitely order again some day, I'm very pleased. Keep up the good work and come to Brighton again! :)"


    Erika, Brighton.

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